Watkins Glen Grand Prix Festival - Stone Bridge and Milliken's Corner Photos

Thank you for a fantastic day and please enjoy the photos

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Many of you know we have taken pictures of your cars during the Grand Prix Festival. For 2017 as each Stone Bridge Driver Event gets their two laps of the "Old Course”, pictures of the cars were taken by photographers Bill Guy and Steve Rossini.


As in the past, pictures are taken at the "Stone Bridge" vicinity and at "Milliken's Corner", the last corner before returning to Franklin Street.



You can purchases photos here at Highland Design Studio. That way we can focus all of their manpower on taking the great pictures you have come to expect. 

Stephen Rossini is a veteran Glenora Run participant (since 1994) and a renowned racing photographer whose work currently appears in Vintage Motorsport Magazine, (masthead) and MINI Cooper 2 Magazine and has appeared in Car and Driver,  among many other professional credits, and the owner of Highland Design Studios.


All past photos (1994 - 2011); are still offered for sale at www.digidids.com