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Automotive Studio Gallery

Portfolio of Studio Photography by Steve Rossini
54 Images
Images from our Automotive Studio Photography - Schedule studio time now.
26 Images
Aston Martin DB6 Under Restoration
9 Images
Camel GT - Owner is Adam Corolla and restoration by Shaun Pritchard
12 Images
Brock Yates' 1956 Kurtis-Kraft 500F rear-drive Novi that was replicated from the ground up by noted automotive builder, Gary Babineau.
18 Images
Brock Yates' 1972 Cannonball Challenger and Amelia Island - 2011
13 Images
The Duffy Eliminator I and II
20 Images
Brock Yates' Kurtis Kraft 500 - Images photographed for RM Auctions
13 Images
Images from the Brock Yates Automotive Collection. Images from the July / August issue of Vintage Motorsport Magazine.
19 Images
Brock Yates' 1962 Indy Elder Roadster
4 Images
Bob Sharp Datsun race cars - Sam Posey