2018 - One Lap of America Day Four

May 8 , 2018 08:07 PM

 Short and not so sweet…We are done – out – finito – fertig - fine - Kapoot.


We arrived early at High Plains Speedway in Colorado, and walked the track.  It is an incredible track with a lot of elevation changes and fast straights.  We talked to a few One Lappers who use this track often and got some great tips on how to run the track.  Then it was my time to run the morning session.  Cool weather was great also.  The recon lap was used to settle in the car while learning the track at some speed. Lap one was good, but could be better, second was working better and I felt the car and drive were getting it. Niether the car in in from of me nor the car behind were changing position relative to me, so I felt good.


Then I went down the front straight and into turn one, the engine hesitated then stopped, oil light on and then rolled to a stop.  Where I waited for the session to end and the tow truck to arrive. 


The car was brought back to the pits and a diagnostic check was done and it was determined there is a major internal engine problem.  So, our day is done.


Our plans could change, but for now we are traveling with Bill and Stephen and Alex is with the other media car.  In the next few days we will decide what all the plans are, but we will probably stay with the circus and return to South Bend.  And maybe take a few photos as we go.


Till then…..


Steve and Alex





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