2018 - One Lap of America Day Two

May 7 , 2018 01:33 PM

Day two of the adventures of Steve and Alex.  We left off yesterday with us heading to Gateway Motorsport Park.  It is just on the east side of the Mississippi River across from St. Louis.  It is primarily an oval track that has a road course through the infield, similar to Daytona. Yesterday was not a perfect run for me and today we had the car checked and we found the ABS system and traction control were on the fritz.  And probably no fix till after the event.  With that bit of information, we decided that we can still run, but with a different driving style to compensate.  


So I took the first session and the car behaved very well.  It was smooth and predictable under breaking on the straights and under control through the corners.  Since that is all we have, we were in good shape.  The car was much better than the day before.  Still getting over the previous day I took it a bit conservatively, but still we increased in the overall standings.  


One big change we are finding this year over previous years is there is a lot of down time. Not that we are complaining, it is just different.  This allows us time to talk to others who have driven this track for very beneficial suggestions on how to drive this course.  


After another gourmet meal at the track, (hot dogs or brats), it was time for Alex to run, his first time on track with the One Lap.  He did a great job and again we moved up a few places.  We both walked away today very happy.  


Today was one of those busy days that included a drag race.  Alex ran this one and had a 14.9 Sec. ¼ mile.  The next event was a bracket race that requires you to take you earlier drag race result and match it as close as you can with out going faster and getting closer that the driver in the other lane.  did well enough to run a third time.  This again allowed us to move up a place or two.  We are now in 59th.  At this rate, we could be in the mid fifties in no time.


It was a great weather day and it was time to hit the road again.  Tomorrow is Hallett raceway in Oklahoma just a mear 436 Miles down the road.  Due to our departure time, we left by ourselves and are currently having a very nice evening that include a stop at a family owed Mexican restaurant in Somewhere, Missouri,  a nice stop from the highway noise.  We are currently about two hours from the hotel.  


And it does seem that Alex and I can’t keep our cameras alone.  Our photos are featured in a Jalopnik.com article: photos should be credited to Alex and myself.






Till then…..


Steve and Alex



PS very little, if any, effort is made to check spelling, grammar or even making sense in these letters.  Typing at night, and trying to see a laptop screen at highway speed in a car with stiff suspension, is a bit of a challengeimpossible.




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