2019 One Lap of America - Day Two

May 30 , 2019 07:26 PM

May 5 -– Sunday – Nelson Ledges


NOTE:  very little, if any, effort is made to check spelling, grammar or even making sense in these letters. Typing and trying to see a laptop screen at highway speed in a car, is a bit of a challenge.


Moving along…


We are currently heading to Road America in Wisconsin, after our first track day at Nelson Ledges, in Ohio.  Tonight’s transit is about 525 miles or so.


Neither Alex nor I have been to Nelson but we did get to walk the track in the morning to get familiar with it.  That helps quite a bit to get familiar with the track. The weather was not co-operating as it was cold this morning and a wet track.  No rain, but a very wet track.  Since we were running late, the teams before us were able to dry the track before Alex made his run.  That is the challenge of the One Lap.  One recon lap, three hot laps, and a cool down lap, Done.  Alex did a 4:24.347 for three laps. Well done.


Then it was lunchtime.  As it seems to be with track concession stands, efficiency is not a requirement. Since they only had hamburgers and hot dogs, you would think they could crank the food out for everyone in a relatively short time.  Well think again.  Sort of a deer in the headlights look on the crew as they tried to feed everyone.  We did finally get fed and had a chance to talk to Bill and Martin, who seem to be doing well and getting some great photos.  As this is the first One Lap for Martin, he is getting the shots he wants and even has a great series of Travis Pastranna going off track into the weeds. Always-good stuff.


Travis was not the only one that went off the track today.  There were several agricultural excursions, but we avoided this activity on our runs.


I was on deck for the afternoon session.  We are now in our chosen run group.  This allows for all run groups to be of a similar caliber.  We are basically in the "All remaining cars” group.  We may not be the slowest, but this is our group.  We took the lead for the group of five cars.  The afternoon was my turn at the track.  It is a fun track to run, but a few more laps is what is needed.  You start getting a bit familiar with the track and then the checker flag is out.  But that is the challenge of the One Lap.  I did a 4:36.346.  That result puts us in 60thplace.  A decent spot.  But we shall see what we can do tomorrow.  


Road America is a very large track and it has a lot of history.  It does cover a large area as it is a 4 mile, 14 turn track.  Fast with a few very long straight-aways.  This should be a good day if the rains hold off. We will update you tomorrow.


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