2019 One Lap of America - Day Four

May 30 , 2019 07:29 PM

May 7 - Tuesday – Brainerd Raceway – Brainerd MN


NOTE:  very little, if any, effort is made to check spelling, grammar or even making sense in these letters. Typing and trying to see a laptop screen at highway speed in a car, is a bit of a challenge.




555 miles to Hastings Nebraska - over Tuesday night.


This is going to be a late night into Hastings.  Well, more like an early morning.  Currently about 2AM.  With a 6 AM wake up call.  But this is the One Lap of America and that is they way it goes.  


So this is an important day. My wedding anniversary.  So, I want to say Happy Anniversary to my wonderful wife of 36 years and for her understanding on these One Lap trips. Thank you, Jocelyn.


We woke this morning in Brainerd to cold frosted windows, but perfectly clear skies.  Thank you.  Brainerd is a fast track and today we are running three events, thus the late start to Hastings.  The track can be configured in a few ways and one includes a NHRA drag strip.  The first course was the longer track that includes the drag strip and uses a 1- mile straight away.  The top running cars will be running ridicules speeds, in excess of 200 I would think.  Not sure how they did yet, but to say they were fast.  


Alex took the first stint and did very well placing 44thoverall for the morning and reached 120 mph on the straight.  Well done.


We stopped for lunch at the track café, another high efficiency establishment.  How can they run out of food when they know a captive audience is coming for the day?  Anyway, it was food and we survived yet another meal.  


I took the afternoon stint on the shorter non high-speed track configuration.  I placed well (62). Travis Pastranna showed us that he does know how to handle a car by doing a controlled four-wheel drift through the last corner, while waving to the spectators.  Very well done.  


 As soon as this concluded we would head over to the drag strip. 


Drag racing is an interesting event.  One that I had not done, so I stayed suited up and ran the drag.  It is a bit of organized confusion for a bunch of folks that do not normally do these.  We all line up for our run and are paired with another car, but it really does not matter who it is.  So once I lined up at the timing light, I glance over to my left and there is the 2018 Lamborghinii Huracan Performante.  The light turns green and I was in the lead.  For at lease 30 feet.  Then the Lambo was gone.  Well that was fun while it lasted.


My stock (Engine) 2013 BMW 328i pulled a respectable 15.4 sec and 92.98 MPH. Oh, and the Lambo did it in 10.8 sec. and 130 MPH.  


The last run is called bracket racing.  Too confusing to explain but to say you take your previous time and estimate your next run and that is pitted to the car in the other lane and who ever get closed to their time, wins.  Thus each round of bracket racing, half the field is eliminated.  My time was nearly a match to my ET run, but the Corvette was closer, thus I was done.  This is not a bad thing, since as soon as you are done, you get to leave.  I am not sure who won the bracket overall, but we are currently driving down the road to Hastings.  


We also marked a milestone, by successfully completing Tuesday, which is more than we did last year. Half way through and so far all is good. 


There are no major roads in this part of the country, so most of the roads tonight are two lane and slower roads.  Very nice country and we will enjoy the scenery, but a faster road to get there sooner would also be nice.  


I’ll update tomorrow is anything happens overnight.


Getting late, so I will stop here.  Many hours to go.


Till then…..


Steve and Alex


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