2019 One Lap of America - Day Last

May 30 , 2019 07:39 PM

May 11 - Saturday - Final Day 

With just the Tire Rack skid pad to go, plus the final leg of 375-miles, we realized that we were just 10 points behind the BMW 135i of Ian and Ron Thorley for 10thoverall in class. (SGT-2 Small Bore) Seems we have a new goal, tenth place. 


It was a full week of driving over 

4,500 transit miles, 

10 track events at 

8 different tracks, 

driving through 8 states, 

8 different hotels and 

too many fast food establishments that you hope to forget.  

It was a busy and early start to the day.  This is our now traditional "Survivor" photo shoot from the Tire Rack roof.  Trying to collect 65 plus cars together in one place for a photo is anything but interesting.  It takes a long time to set up and a quick push of the camera button, and you are done.  

Now off to the final competition.  The "Dry Skid Pad".  Alex was taking the duties for the dry skid pad and came home with a 0.936 G run and the extra points to put us in 10thin class by 15 points and 58thoverall. Well done for Team 65.  

With the Skid pad done, it is time for some folks to to burnouts and thrill the crowds.  Once this is done, it is time to celebrate.  There is the awards banquet with some greatly appreciated food and drinks.  The awards are given out, the auction for the Brock Yates Memorial Fund is over (we raised another $5,000 for the fund, thanks to everyone who gave so generously) and the final speeches are over, including "what about next year" and final good byes. 

Our plans include next year, so, stay tuned.

The BMW 328i did an outstanding job this week.  The suspension updates were perfect and the tire wear was minimal indicating that what we did to prepare this car was right on target. After a minor correctable brake issue, it performed flawlessly and undeniably it completed the journey.  We enjoyed traveling through the Midwest and Great Lakes and these transits were comfortable and enjoyable. It was a fun, challenging week that allowed us to achieve our goal of completing this event after all these years and to do this, as a father son team was incredible. Once you accomplish a goal like this, the next topic is, what about next year?  Next year will have new tracks, new transits many of your new friends and if you enjoy track days and your car is well prepared and you want to experience some of the best tracks in this country, and enjoy the camaraderie of some of the best drivers, the One Lap of America is an essential event to experience.

Thanks for following along.

Steve And Alex 


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