2019 One Lap of America - Day One

May 30 , 2019 07:24 PM

May 4th - Saturday afternoon heading to Ohio  (400 miles)


Well here we are again, on the road doing the One Lap of America.  Alex and I are returning this year to sort of revenge last yearís less than stellar run at the One Lap.  For those that do not remember, we were driving a car that was loaned to us for the event and we made it as far as Colorado before it died, on day four.  Something that is not uncommon for the folks that have prepared these particular cars for the One Lap.  


So this year we are driving my 2013 BMW 328i that is mostly stock except for suspensions upgrades and tires and a bunch of preventative maintenance.  Reliability is the key work for this event.  As we found out last year, you have to finish to win.


We arrived in South Bend Indiana for the start on Thursday night.  Friday is registration, tech inspection, driverís meeting and catching up with old friends.  Alex and I know many of these folks very well.  He has been doing this for 7 years and this is my 17th.  Plus there were many new members to the cast of characters, which is a good thing for the survival of any event.


The car is doing well but we can always check a few things each time we are out to make sure all is working well.  Friday is also sticker day, and if you saw out photo of the car on Facebook, there is not a lot of room for any more stickers, so we stopped.


Saturday is the first big day at Tire Rack.  Since Alex and I are driving again this year, I have brought on my good friend Bill Guy to do the photography.  His experience in this event and his photography makes it easy for Alex and I to concentrate on our job of driving.  We also brought on a newcomer to assist Bill, Martin Matt.  He lives outside the Syracuse, NY, a RIT grad and so far is enjoying himself and I am sure his work will be great.


At Tire Rack the first event is the wet skid pad.  It is a 200 ft. pad that is watered down to you see how well you can drive in wet conditions.  I drove this event and we came in 23rdoverall out of 77 cars, pretty respectable especially with the caliper of some of the other cars and drivers.


Then it was off to Grissom AFB for an autocross, about 90 miles south. I drove again and we cam in 62nd, again respectable.


That leaves us after one day, 46th Overall, and 7th in class out of 13.


Not sure how we will do tomorrow, but we are heading to Nelson Ledges, in Ohio (about 300 miles) for our first track day.  Weather is predicted to be good and we will see how well we do.  


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