2019 One Lap of America - Day Six and Seven

May 30 , 2019 07:34 PM

May 9 - Thursday – Blackhawk Farms


NOTE:  very little, if any, effort is made to check spelling, grammar or even making sense in these letters. Typing and trying to see a laptop screen at highway speed in a car, is a bit of a challenge.


397 miles to NCM (National Corvette Museum, Bowling Green, Ky - over Thursday night.


Cliff notes update from Last night Wednesday;

>This is going to be another late night into IL. 

We got to the hotel at 11:30, not too bad


>RAIN today

            Rain, did I say rain?  Yes it rained the entire day.  We stopped at Wal-Mart and picked up a $20 one-man tent that was good enough to store our gear for the day.  At least it kept things dry.


I went on track first and the track was still wet but not as bad as the early morning.  There was no dry line and you could not drive the usual driving line.  Just sort of find a section that looked less wet.  All in all I did pretty well and even passed the car that was staged in front of me, something that does not usually happen.  


Before I even had time to pay, the food was there.  Thank you.


>We both did very well

            Alex went out in the afternoon to a slightly dryer, yet still wet track.  And again, did very well.  That effort allowed us…


>Advanced in the standings

            We advanced in the overall standing again.  59thoverall.

Moved up to a new run group also.  Different folks to run with.


> Lunch was efficiently done;

            We broke for lunch and finally a place that knows how to serve lunch to a captive audience.  The track is located in the middle of Nebraska that only has farms and grain silos, so no place other than the track for food, but the most efficient one so far.  "One choice, Brisket, $10.  How many?”



End of Wednesday


May 9th - Thursday Update;– Blackhawk Farms

This is a small 2 mile track that at first look did not seem to exciting.  After we walked the track in the morning we changed our mind.  The only issue was the weather, it was wet (again) but just enough to make it interesting.  But since we run in the latter run groups, the early cars did a nice job of drying the track.  A quick re-con lap and three hot laps.  The track is a lot faster then it first seemed, as it starts out with a few nice bends then a fast back straight with a don’t lift now final kink before a hard right hander.  The BMW of ours just handles incredibly.  All the right things have been done by Eksten’s, (thanks guys) and the Michelin tire work just amazingly.  All this makes us look good.


Both Alex and I did a great job and we were able to maintain out standing of 59 overall.  


We arrived at our hotel at about 11:30PM.  Not too bad for 397 miles.  As I looked down to the next hotel, I noticed some activity and sure enough it was another un-official drivers meeting in front of the adjoining hotel.  So, we decided to attend and it was one of those nights that make this event what it is, the good feeling of all the competitors after a long week, enjoying the evening and toasting the success of surviving the week. (well, one day to go)   


A surprise guest was a Smart Car and driver who has been following us all week, just to see if he likes the event and who wants to join us next year.  We surprised him by toasting him and celebrating his enthusiasm for this event.  I feel he will be with us next year.


May 10th - Friday - National Corvette Museum


National Corvette Museum, Bowling Green, KY


The weather sort of co-operated, but still cloudy.  But that left the track dry, which was good for us.  We could not walk the track in it’s entirety, but we did as much as wee could and watched a video to help us understand the track.  This is a very technical track, which means it will take more than today to figure this track out.  As sure enough that was the case.  I took the morning session driving duties.  The full course was divided in half and I ran the East course then drove to the main paddock and drove the west course.  The east one is not too bad and I did OK.  The West course on the other hand is very demanding, tricky and as I said, technical.  Needles to say, not a stellar drive.  The placement was not too bad; so I feel I was not the only one have a tough time to understand this course.  After lunch there was a parade lap that I could go on, but Alex could not since he was driving in the afternoon session.  


I drove the BMW around the course, in a parade of other Lappers and at a speed of 45mph, and three more laps, I sort of found the right way too drive this course.  But, it was Alex’s turn.


Alex ran the afternoon session and he too found it to be just as much of a challenge.  I guess someday we will need to return to learn this track.  


Lunch efficiency. There was a food truck that offered Chinese rice bowels with but a few options to add.  Fast and efficient.  Top points. 


So, that concluded the track part of the 2019 One Lap of America.  Tomorrow, Saturday is the final event, a dry skid pad, then the awards banquet, then home.


I will update on our way home and how the final numbers shake out for us.  We are just a few points separating us from a few other competitors.  


Only 397 miles to South Bend, IN


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