2019 One Lap of America - Day Three

May 30 , 2019 07:28 PM

May 6 – Monday – Road America


NOTE:  very little, if any, effort is made to check spelling, grammar or even making sense in these letters. Typing and trying to see a laptop screen at highway speed in a car, is a bit of a challenge.




464 miles to Brainerd Raceway over Monday night.


Today was our day at Road America.  It is a huge 4 mile track that is set up for races since the late 40’s. Today it is a premier US racetrack that hosts IMSA, Indy and many other race series.  It is a bit intimidating when you think about how long and fast this track is.  


Our first task of the day, since it was cold and cloudy is to find a shelter to work on the car.  We knew the brakes were a bit soft the day before meaning that they were not in top performance.  So we talked to some competitors to see what our options were and it was decided to bleed the brakes once more time.  We had done this the day before with some success, but with this track, they had to be perfect.  So, we bled the brakes once more time and this time it was a charm.  They were perfect.


So, it was my turn to run the morning session.  But since we are in one of the last groups to go out, the weather that was plaguing the morning session, worked in our favor.  There were at least three cars that had offs and a few that were bad enough to cause a few eliminations from the one lap. 


We were warned to take it easy since there was no grip at all on the track. With three run groups to go, there was yet another off.  This time it caused the timing and scoring to postpone the session so there was time to clear the track.  LUNCH TIME.


With the weather improving we had another hour for the track to get dryer and improve traction.  So, I went out and had a blast.  Not 100% grip, but it sure was good for 4 laps of the track.  And at 4 miles each, this was fun.  


Alex went out for the second run near the end of the day and by this time the sun was out and plenty of grip.  He too did very well and had a great time.


I did my three laps in 10:23.254 for a 53 place and with Alex bettering with a 9:20.317 for a 57thplace.  Well done.


Not we are heading to Brainerd for Tuesday and a long transit.  The best part is that we are leaving in the daylight and can enjoy the scenery that is Wisconsin. By the time we get to Minnesota, it will be dark, so we will enjoy that tomorrow.  There are plenty of farms to see and of course plenty of signs for CHEESE. CHEESE is everywhere.  Did I say CHEESE?  But still a gorgeous area, even if there are still no leaves on the trees and this is springtime.  We are just hoping for a good weather day tomorrow.  It is predicted, so that is what we will stay with.


Getting late, so I will stop here.  A few more hours to go.


Till then…..


Steve and Alex


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