Brock Yates' One Lap of America, Day Four

May 7 , 2013 10:48 PM

Day Four –Tuesday - Evening

Evening transit: Daytona Beach, FL to Camden, SC

Miles tonight: Monday: 426

Total miles from home: 2,790

The transit from New Orleans was very enjoyable.  I-10 was traffic free, and rain free.  The Paceman was a delight to travel in. With our afternoon departure from NOLA, we arrived at Daytona Beach having stopped for dinner by an early 11:25PM.  The hotel was directly across the street from the speedway, so morning commute was about 4 minutes, including traffic lights.  Nice.

After setting up for photo shoots for the day, all went very smoothly. In past One Lap visits to the Daytona Speedway, we were allowed to try our hand at driving the track, albeit parade laps, but very spirited ones.  We were told to keep it at a max of 90MPH.  (That mileage reported next is my story and I am sticking to it, some settling may have occurred) We entered the track and instead of using the full oval course as in the past, we used the 24hour Grand Am course that uses the infield and the high banks.  By avoiding a small section of the main straight away and by adding a chicane on the back straight, speeds are kept down.

And did I say these are high banks. In the morning we walked part of the track and it is very impressive when you get to walk on the high banks and witness the angle of this track.

So, back to the parade laps.  From pit lane we cruised in a  dutiful queue, one following the other. Through most of the interior of the track we traveled at less then highway speed, but fun to drive the 24-hour course.  Then we entered the high banks and all bets were off.  The pedal went down and the Paceman handled it as we accelerated to the upper levels of turn 1 to 2.  At top gear and about 5 grand on the tach and my foot firmly planted to the floor, we very smoothly took the high bank and as we took the back straight, we picked up a few more MPH.  Hitting the brakes firmly, we slowed enough to take the back straight chicane with no problem and fully in control.  A quick left, right the left, then back onto turn 3 and 4 of the high band and the main straight.  The second lap allowed us to take the infield course at a better speed and the Paceman again took the corners with ease.


The Paceman could use a bit more power as compared to the JCW Convertible I had a few years ago, but considering the car was fully loaded, it handled the track heroically.  I was impressed with the flow of the course and the handling of the Paceman 

We are now off to the Carolina Motorsports Park in Camden, SC.  A short 426 mile treck….



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