Brock Yates' One Lap of America, Day One

May 7 , 2013 12:05 AM

If you are reading this, it must be springtime and time for my annual trip around the country on Brock Yates’ One Lap of America.  My good friend Bill Guy is not able to join me this year which is a disappointment, but Alex, my son, was able to get out of grad school and our schedules aligned and after 10 years of me going on this event, he is able to join me.  It should be a good trip for both of us. 


For this last few years I have been driving either my 05 MINI, or I have been able to get a press car from BMW/MINI through arrangements with Roundel magazine and Satch Carlson.  This year we have been upsized to a MINI Paceman, a new model for the MINI line and one of the few in the country.  Prior to this we needed to be very prudent on what we took along with us.  After all it is a MINI.  The Paceman is one of the largest MINI’s. Sort of a maxi MINI or little big MINI as it is being referred to.  This allows us the creature comfort that goes along with a $40K car.  ($28K base with a lot of options)  Since it is large, the packing is made very easy.  Just pile the suitcases and equipment in and there is still plenty of room, very nice indeed.


Friday was registration day and drivers meeting.  A good day to visit with old friends and meet some new ones, then a good dinner and retire early before the fun begins.  At this point we have traveled a bit over 1200 miles.


Saturday is the first events.  First at Tire Rack for a wet skid pad event and then to Grisson AFB, for an autocross.  We were not allowed access to the airplanes that were on display the last time we came this way.  So, we are now heading to Talladega Speedway for our first track day. (601 miles). We need to stay at a hotel in Birmingham, AL since the big Talladega track is hosting a NASCAR event and all the area hotels are booked.  This will mean we get to our hotel early, but will need to travel about an hour east to get to the track.


We have skirted the weather that is occurring just west of us.  We are not sure what tomorrow will bring but initial reports are that it will be dry in the AM.  There is a scheduled drag strip event in the afternoon, but if it is wet, it will be cancelled.


Well so far it is a good trip and we will keep you updated as we go.


Steve and Alex


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