Brock Yates' One Lap of America, Day Three

May 7 , 2013 12:08 AM

Day Three– Monday - Afternoon

Evening transit: Talladega, AL to New Orleans, LA

Last night distance: 407 miles

Miles tonight: Monday: 651

Total miles from home: 2,200

We arrived in New Orleans last night after a nice drive through Alabama, Mississippi, into Louisiana.  The MINI Paceman again performed as expected for this leg of the trip.  Perfectly.

 Today, Monday, we are at NOLO Motorsports Park.  We took the MINI Paceman to stretch its legs during the noon break in the action.  There was an open track parade lap session.  The MINI handled the track very well.  Through the corners it took them with ease, and that is with a full load of cases and equipment.  Also impressive was the acceleration onto the main straight.  It again held its own and had no issue keeping up with the other lappers.

 Tomorrow we will be at the Daytona Speedway and we should be able to take the Paceman for a few laps. We can then compare it to my ’05 Cooper and the MIN

Convertible from a few years ago.

NOLA is a new track built in a swamp, but with new technology, are able to use flyash, that is a byproduct of burning coal and an industrial waist byproduct.  This keeps the track flat and level.  It does nothing for keeping it from flooding, but the weather cooperated again so, no rain, and no flooding.  77 and sunny.  Nice. 

We are now back in the car and heading to Daytona.  Another long night, but should be the last of the long ones.  Around 650 miles tonight.  Weather is posted as being 79 and sunny.  This is a trend that will work for us.

For status of the race and other One Lap of America information, visit:

Well so far it is a good trip and we will keep you updated as we go.


Steve and Alex


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