Brock Yates' One Lap of America, Day Two

May 7 , 2013 12:07 AM

Day Two – Sunday - Afternoon

Last night distance: 601 miles

Total miles from home: 1,407

Last night we drove from South Bend Indiana, to Grisson AFB then onto Birmingham, Alabama.  Most of the transit was in heavy rain and the MINI Paceman handled like a dream.  At full highway speed, (plus a little) with standing water, the traction of the MINI never failed.  It made for a safe and low stress drive.  It was sure-footed, comfortable and easy to sit back and enjoy the HK sound system.

 The weather channel was accurate again.  We woke to a day of reported rain and thunderstorms in the PM.  If this is what a rainy day looks like in Alabama, I’m in.  What we received was a nice warm day, mostly sunny and no rain. Since the rain subsided for the day the One Lap event went off well at the Talladega Raceway.  (Not the NASCAR track, but a small speedway down the street).  Thee Talladega race at the other track was going on at the same time so we needed to hope that the traffic would be OK when we left the track. 

 Alex and I found a few good locations to shoot at this rather flat track.  I had been here before a few years ago and it is not that of an exciting place to shoot.  But we made the best of it and got what we needed.

Timing worked out well after the two sessions and off we went to the next event that was to be a drag race.  Just like NASCAR, water and drag races do not mix, and just as we were to arrive at the track, the rain came in and canceled the event.  Not to shed tear, we are now able to head to New Orleans for tomorrow’s event and actually get into the hotel at a decent hour.  Only a mere 407 miles tonight. Tomorrow we are at a new track I have not been to, NOLA speedway.  

Well so far it is a good trip and we will keep you updated as we go.

Steve and Alex


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