One Lap of America day Five

May 9 , 2018 06:52 PM

Day Four – I think it is Wednesday: of the adventures of Steve and Alex. 


When we last left our duo;

Short and not so sweet…We are done – out – finito – fertig – fini – kapoot!!


Well nothing has changed on that front.  The car is still dead and the car is still in CO.  


Alex and I hitched separate rides to get us to Texas.  Yes, deep in the heart of country.  I went with Stephen and Bill and Alex went with out friends the Beachem’s. This overnight was a bit over 700 miles, and that got us to the hotel after 2AM. All not that bad, but after yesterday’s activities, but it left us very tired.  Nothing against Colorado and Texas, but it is a boring ride in some very stark parts of this country.   


Wednesday, a new day.  Bill and Stephen picked us up at hotel and we somehow we stored all of our stuff into this giant Nissan Armada.  Four guys and way too much stuff. So it is off to the track.  Today it is Texas Motorsport Park in Cressen, TX with a nice track with wonderful elevation changes. 


Bill and Stephen continued doing what they do best with the track photos and Alex and I took care of the pit action.  Our new job is back taking photos, a job we know well, although not part of the original plan.  


As we walked around the paddock we were inundated with questions, updates and condolences about our previous day.  It does help when everyone understands, since most everyone has been in a similar situation.


We stayed till lunch time and found a great BBQ restaurant to have lunch.  Well not really a restaurant, but a small food truck, well maybe a old small trailer.  But it is where all the locals were having lunch.  100% worth the stop.  Incredible food.


We needed to stop at the Toyota headquarters in Dallas for a One Lap passage event, just a required stop to see the Toyota headquarters.  It was nice, but we wanted to get on the road before rush hour, so we stopped, said hello, took a few photos and hit the road.  Good thing we did since the traffic was building up at 3PM. 


Well that is it for today, heading to New Orleans and a stop at the NOLA raceway.  It will be about 600 miles today, so far a total of 2,728 miles.



Till then…..


Steve and Alex



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