One Lap of America Day Three

May 7 , 2018 09:32 PM

Day Three (Monday) of the adventures of Steve and Alex. 


But first, Happy Anniversary to my wonderful wife for these last 35 years and letting me travel during our anniversary these last 15 years while I am doing the One Lap. All my love.


We left off yesterday with us heading to Hallett, OK.  It was a nice evening travel with great weather.  We woke this morning to another clear sky day and soon to go to about 90.  That means waking up, get gas and plenty of water and Gatorade.  The track is about 30 miles from the hotel, so we woke a bit earlier then yesterday and got to the track with plenty of time to walk the track and then talk to others on advice on how to drive this challenging track.  


I drove the morning session and was able to not have any issues.  Probably a bit conservative, but this is a tough track to learn with one recon lap and then 3 hot laps.  That put us in 61stout of 71.  Alex is out for the afternoon session and maybe he can move us up a place or two.  His run in the afternoon was a good one with no offs and smooth.  That allowed us to move back up a place.  


The overnight trip will be to High Planes Raceway, in Deer Trail, CO that is 610 miles, plus one time zone so we save an hour.  (but we will lose all that tomorrow)  We should we on the road by mid afternoon and will probably still be in the hotel at a reasonable hour.  Running in the late run groups means we leave the track late, but we still want to get to the track early the next day to have that early morning walk. Which is very beneficial.  So, we will update if anything exciting during the transit.


The transit is going well and we have only a few hundred miles to go.  Miles to go gets a bit distorted in this event.  By the time the week is ending, our last transit is ONLY 370 miles.  


After leaving Hallett we did stop when we found 1 One Lapper on the side of the road with car troubles.  A few others were already there, then when Josh Paashaus arrived (Teams VW GTI) and he was able to find a loose connection.  Problem solved and were back on the road.


To get to Colorado, we head north to the middle of Kansas and then head west to Colorado.  If you have never been through Kansas, it is flat, wide open and a bit boring of a highway. The speed limit is listed at 75 and with a little creative interpretation of the speed limit; you can actually make some good time.  We passed plenty of wind farms, creationist theory signs and a few cows, but not much else. Heading due west late in the day can be a bit hard on the eyes when the sun is setting, but the clouds are coming in and that will filter the sun as route 70 follows the setting sun. 


Tomorrow in Colorado is forecast to be sunny and 90.  So another hot day, but considering what weather you can find in the west in springtime, we are lucky.



Till thenů..


Steve and Alex



PS very little, if any, effort is made to check spelling, grammar or even making sense in these letters.  Typing at night, and trying to see a laptop screen at highway speed in a car with stiff suspension, is a bit of a challengeimpossible.




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