I have photos in two sections:  Classic and Millennium

NEW:  >  Visit the Lou Reed photos that are on the Lou Reed Live at Alice Tully Hall, Jan. 27, 1973 and part of Record Store Day, Nov. 2020

Classic Concert Photos are from the 1970's of some of the top rock and pop groups performing during this time. These photos were taken in the New York City area from 1969 though the 1970's.

Millennium Concerts are photos from post 2000 for viewing only.  See the links below.


List of these Classic Concerts:  The list includes all of the concerts I have seen during this time and which ones are currently available.   More are being scanned and are being 
added all the time. If you see an artist that is listed, but not available, please let me know and I will try to make them available.



View the Concert Images:


The List Below is a list of concerts that I have attended. I am actively adding more photos all the time. Most of the concerts have photos available, but some do not. The list is sorted by artist with active links to the photos that are currently available. These photos are scanned from the original.......